Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Working for GameStop Without Working for GameStop

My girlfriend never buys me anything for Christmas. She doesn't want to risk getting a game that I already own, or purchasing a game that I have no interest in, so she always just gives me cash. Then I drive to the store and buy a game with her in tow. That's just how our gift giving works.

So today I drove down to GameStop to see if I could find anything that I was interested in and didn't already own. (This is a silly problem that you develop when you own over a thousand games.) While I was digging through the "$20.00 bin", an older gentleman started asking me about Dragon's Dogma, so I explained to him what the game was, and that the controls were a bit wonky. Afterwards I started shuffling through the PS3 games, and the older gentleman asked me about Diablo III, then Saints Row, etc. He inquired about various titles, and I answered his questions.

Meanwhile the GameStop employees sat there behind the counter, staring at me while I explained the various titles to this gentleman. Finally he picked up Dark Souls, and I said, "Oh, it's good, but it's hard." He responded, "Then that's the one I want," and proceeded to the counter to check out. As he was paying, I resumed my search for any game I wanted but didn't own. Just then, I heard the employee behind the counter say, "You know this is hard, right?"

So the guy checked out and left, and I decided to pick up Shadows of Mordor, listed at $59.99 new, but on sale for $39.99.

It's kind of a silly story, but every time I walk into GameStop and they offer to assist me, I always think to myself, "Look at me, I'm one of you." This was just the first time I had an opportunity to actually use my video game knowledge to help someone. I really enjoyed myself, too. I just love talking about video games. I can't help it. I don't know if the gentleman thought I was a GameStop employee, or if the employees were upset by what I did, but the guy had questions, so I answered them.