Sunday, December 28, 2014

Steam Winter Sale 2014 - Five FPS Titles For Under Five Bucks

You may not know this, but there are rules to Steam Sales.

  1. Never buy a game for less than 75% off, unless it's a Daily Deal or Flash Sale.
  2. Never buy a game for less than 75% off, unless it's a Daily Deal or Flash Sale.
  3. Always wait until the final day of the sale to buy anything that isn't a Daily Deal or Flash Sale.

Fight Club is still a topical reference, right? Anyway, I decided to make a couple of lists of titles that I think you should buy during the Steam sale. I can't guarantee that you'll like these games. How could I? I don't even know you... Still, these are games that I enjoy, and haven't found any major issues with, so go ahead and click read more to absorb the awesomeness that is my opinion.

Five FPS Games For Under Five Bucks
From Best to Least-Best 

1. Judge Dredd VS. Death ($1.19)
Judge Dredd VS. Death is a first person shooter that tasks you with arresting criminals, killing mutants, and stopping the evil Judge Death. This is an older game based off of the comic, so don't worry, it isn't voiced by Sylvester "I AM THE LAW!" Stallone. The Lawgiver is included in all of its scum killing glory. Players can switch from standard rounds to hallow points, incendiary, heat seeking, and more.

Shadow Warrior Classic Redux is a 90's FPS title from Duke Nukem 3D developer, 3D Realms. Since it is a 90's FPS title, it has a lot DOOM/QUAKE qualities. Gameplay includes running around finding keys while killing 2D baddies with guns, swords, and shurikens. (Hope I spelled that last one right.) The Classic Redux version comes with achievements and trading cards on Steam. If 90's titles don't interest you, you can always try the 2013 remake for Steam ($9.99), Xbox One, or the Playstation 4 ($19.99).

3. Payday: The Heist ($3.74)
Have you ever wanted to rob a bank with your friends? Is the prospect of death and/or imprisonment holding you back from that goal? Well, today is your lucky day! Thanks to Payday: The Heist, you and your friends can rob banks until your fingers fall off! Of course, you don't have to play with your friends, but I would recommend it. Besides, they like you, why do you keep shunning them? It's OK to talk to people. They're not all plotting to kill you and wear your face... Only I am.

4. Rise of the Triad ($3.74)
I'm not sure exactly how to describe Rise of the Triad. It's a modern FPS title in the vein of a 90's FPS title, which I guess isn't all that strange since it's a remake of a 90's FPS title. It isn't perfect, especially if you didn't play a lot of FPS during the genre's formative years, but it's so fun to just run around shooting baddies. Forget hunting for keys, following a soldier with a dot over his head, or any of that other crap, just run around and blow bad guys into pieces. See those eyeballs in the screenshot? That dude made a mistake, don't be like him, give Rise of the Triad a shot. 

5. Project: Snowblind ($1.49)
I'm a big fan of Dues Ex (which is another FPS title you should buy if you don't already own it,) and I guess that's lead me to become interested in any FPS title that allows me to control an augmented soldier. Don't get me wrong, Project: Snowblind is not Dues Ex, it's not an RPG, and it's not one of the greatest of all time. It's just a fun game that lets you slow down time while shooting bad guys in the face, and let's face it, sometimes that's just good enough.