Saturday, December 27, 2014

Car Repairs Around Christmas Time

It never fails. Almost every year around Christmas time, something goes wrong with my truck. In November of 2011, I needed a new serpentine belt and new tires, costing a cool $900.00. Then in January 2013, I had to get another serpentine belt because the tensioner in my truck was bad, and the shop that replaced the belt back in 2011 didn't replace it. That repair, plus the stupid tire pressure sensors that go bad every thirty seconds ran me another $800.00. Now, December 26 of the year 2014... I had to drop another $1,500.00 on repairs. Either I'm just a sucker that gets taken at every mechanic I go to, or my truck hates Christmas. Maybe it's both.

Today I got another set of new tires, because the tires I bought in 2011 were somehow dry-rotted, cupping, and "about to separate." Add in new brakes, new rotors, brake fluid, and a radiator pan... BOOM! $1,500.00. I really need to start studying vehicle repair, it's just too damn expensive to pay other people to do it.

Honestly, it's probably about time for a new vehicle, but I love my truck. I've had it for a decade now, it's nice and paid for, and it's never put me in danger. I may sound crazy when I say this, but I really believe the truck has an equal hand in keeping me safe when I'm on the road. It brakes when I tell it to, even when the brake pads were gone, and it was grinding metal on metal. It's just a good, reliable truck, I mean hell, I guess it even has things go wrong on a reliable schedule. I just wish it didn't choose Christmas time to cost me a fortune.

I love you, truck! (Just stop costing me money, damn it!)