Monday, April 1, 2013

My Custom Army of Two: The Devil's Cartel Masks

I love character customization in video games, whether it be in appearance or ability. Unfortunately, my hours spent customizing my characters is usually wasted on my co-op buddy and maybe my girlfriend, who both gives me a "That's cool," while I yearn for praise and adoration in the form of butt-patting and hugging. Ok, maybe none of that's true, but nobody ever sees the stuff I make, so I figured I'd post a blog with some of my custom masks from EA's latest Army of Two title.

This was the first mask I made, and it was the typical "I don't know what I'm doing, just add shit" affair. I went with the skull first because you always look like a badass with skulls on your face. Then I accidentally added the black side and thought, "Hey, Bipolar Bravo!" I spent a lot of time trying to find something that could go on the black side of the mask, at first it was just a skeleton hand, but when I decided I didn't like that, I spent hours cycling through until I found the barbed wire. Then I spent another twenty minutes placing it just right.

I wanted a red mask like the skull half of my first mask, so I created an entirely red mask with a black feathered square in the face area. Then I added some flames around the eyes, and the TWO logo to the front. When I realized that the TWO logo looked kind of like a mouth opening, I added the feathered triangle to make a nose and create a Slipknot style mask. Of all the masks I made, I probably spent the least amount of time on this one.

This was my favorite mask before I made the one following this one. In fact, the mask after this one is just a revised version of this mask. I thought of it as an evil Jack-O-Lantern, with a touch of the Smiley from Watchmen in regards to the blood drip. I thought the barbed wire could double as staples keeping the mask together as well.

As I said earlier, this mask is just a revision of the previous mask. Instead of going for a Jack-O-Lantern/Watchmen look, I went for the Cradle of Filth/The Crow/Norwegian Black Metal face paint look. I thought the little rivet look made the mask seem pieced together, while the black oval and star bust clip art with overlaying lightning gave it that black metal eye make up look. I carried the blood drip and jagged mouth from the previous mask because I felt they were what made the last mask look so awesome.

Anyway, that's it for my current Army of Two masks.